EpiNet Demonstration

Please feel free to explore the demonstration website by clicking on the link below.

We suggest that you read the Introductory Document to discover the features of the database and the website, and to obtain the log-in details.  You may wish to print this document.

The website currently works reliably with GoogleChrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11. It has not been exhaustively tested with other browsers.

You can access the demonstration website by clicking on this link. You can see how the database is structured by logging in with the user-name ‘Epinetdemo’ and the password ‘Ep1net’.

You can see how pseudonymisation works by logging in with the username, ‘EpiNetpseudo’. Again, the password is ‘Ep1net’.

To fully appreciate the cohort structure of the database, you will need to use a range of other log-in details, as described in the introductory document.

Access to the formal database is restricted to approved investigators. Approval can be obtained by contacting the administrator, Dr Peter Bergin, (Chairman of the EpiNet study group.) Physicians who wish to become investigators should complete the Seizure Classification Teaching Module, which can be accessed from this website. 

Some other EpiNet members may be given administrative rights for particular countries.


Peter Bergin